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Thinking about becoming a volunteer fireman?  

Click here for a good general discussion on the idea.

Requirements for LPP VFD Fire Fighter Membership

Membership is achieved and maintained by completing the following requirements:

Initial Introduction.  LPP VFD monthly meetings are open to the public and are identified on the calendar page.  The prospective member should attend one or two meetings to meet the current active members and officers, and to determine if they are interested in serving the district with this group of people.  

Application.  Upon confirmation that membership is desired, the prospective member can get an application from any officer or member.  Simply complete the  membership application and submit it to one of the officers.  This application and a state issued ID will be used to conduct a background check on the candidate.  

Membership Vote.  Upon a successful background check results, the candidate will attend the next monthly business meeting.  The current active membership will conduct a vote to accept the applicant.

Membership Induction.  Upon successful membership vote, the new member will receive a New Membership Package of forms to complete, be given a member log-in ID for the member side of this website, receive an identification badge, and be given the Initial Training Requirements to complete.  These requirements provide essential personal safety and the Incident Management System framework that under-gird all subsequent fire fighter training and operations.

Membership Maintenance.  Membership requires an on-going commitment to serve our district and fellow fire fighters as demonstrated by the following:

  • Attending a minimum of 25 per cent of Department meetings/year
  • Attending a minimum of 25 hours of scheduled training events/year
  • Responding to tone outs whenever available 

We hope if you are interested in serving your community in this way that you will thoughtfully consider joining out team.  We look forward to meeting you!

In Case of Fire or Other Emergency - Dial 911



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